A graphical interface for shredding files within the Thunar file manager


What is this?

thunar-sendto-shredder is a small, graphical plugin to add a right-click, context menu ability to "shred" files or folders from within Thunar (part of xfce)

Currently, it uses the "shred" program. Eventually, additional, similar programs may be added for more flexibility.

thunar-sendto-shredder uses a few icons from the Tango project.

How can I install this?

The easiest way is to use the prebuilt binaries. All rpms and debs are digitally signed, and you can check the tarball's sig as well. See the Downloads section below.

Authors and Contributors

So far, just me (@dave-theunsub).

Support or Contact

Having trouble with this? File a bug or comment or suggestion here and we’ll help you sort it out.

@dave-theunsub 's gpg key


The latest version is 0.01.

Fedora rpm
CentOS 7 rpm
Debian/Ubuntu deb
Source tarball and its sig


Click the video to see a demo ↑

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